Hey I'm ARTmuffin. I currently reside in Western Massachusetts. I love drawing and painting weird and mystical art. I've shown my work in various galleries, shops, and cafes in Vermont, Chicago, New York, California, and locally right here in Western Mass. I'm currently focusing primarily on my Pages From the Book of Gosh. An ongoing series of pages that are presented as they are found and which appear to be pages from a lost book from another culture from another dimension.
I've also created my own deck of oracle cards called Prophecy Cards. A deck of 52 cards that include 20 individually painted cosmic prophets, plus 32 additional cards that give you more insight to whatever message the Prophet gives you. You can find out more about those at the website at http://prophecycards.com/
On top of all that, I also design skateboard decks for Devil Street Decks. They do limited edition decks by indie artists and sponsor some skaters. Check them out at https://www.devilstreetdecks.com/ 
Below are some interviews I've done. I have a few other podcast interviews and a guest appearance that I'll post at some point.
Thalo Artist of the Month interview:

Boston Voyager:

Ambush Interview at Rock and Shock:
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