11"x14" Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper

This page appears to be part of some sort of ritualistic necromancy. Black pyramids appear at the top of the page and also seem to be reflected in a specific pattern within the symbols surrounding the fire, skull and bones. The writing is red, which is not often seen within the currently found pages. This leads us to believe it may be a very special or coveted piece of information or is written by a different being than most other pages. 
The Eye of Gosh is seen around the neck of the necromancer, worn as a pendant. A knife is on the ground and may have been the knife used to cut the hole in the being's hand. It's impossible to know if the flow of colors is heading up towards the larger pyramids, or if it's heading down towards the ritual and through the being's hand. Aside from what appears to be a human skull, most of the other pieces that are laid out like bones appear to be merely sticks and stones.
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